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 How It Works

‚ÄčOur proprietary Komatsu Hybrid system works on the principle called regeneration. The key component is the unique and innovative Komatsu Ultra-Capacitor system. The kinetic energy generated during the slow down phase of every swing is converted to electricity, sent through an inverter and then captured by the Ultra-Capacitor.
This energy is then discharged very quickly at a high voltage to power the swing motor and to assist the engine when accelerating under different load conditions.
While conventional excavators use a hydraulic motor to turn the upper structure, for this movement Komatsu has developed in-house an electric motor exclusively for the Hybrid system, which recovers regenerative energy when the revolving upper structure decelerates and slows down.
Conventional excavators use only diesel engines to power all components, whereas our new Hybrid excavator utilises regenerate energy to assist the diesel power-plant when it is accelerating, enabling the use of the engine in a low revolution zone with high-efficiency combustion. In addition, while the engine runs idle, our Hybrid keeps the revolutions at a super low level, thus creating impressive savings in fuel consumption.
As a result fuel consumption is improved by using the regenerated energy to assist during high power demands. This allows the excavator engine to run at an optimum level for highest efficiency.
The Hybrid Excavator achieves an average of 25% in reduced fuels consumption compared to the conventional PC200-8. In field tests our customers have experienced up to 41% in fuel savings when the upper frame structure is at maximum use.