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Frequently Asked Questions

​Frequently Asked Questions
Top 10 FAQ’s
Q: How much is the Hybrid?
A: Please contact your nearest local Komatsu Dealer.
Q: How much fuel does it save?
A: 25% average fuel savings depending on application.
Q: Does it use batteries to store electricity?
A: No, it uses an Ultra-Capacitor to store electricity.
Q: How long will the Ultra-Capacitor last?
A: the Ultra-Capacitor is designed to last the life of the machine.
Q: How does it work?
A: Electric swing motor captures electricity during swing braking and uses it to do work.
Q: How do you discharge the capacitor for service?
A: On board capacitor discharge function via monitor panel
Q: Do you sacrifice performance for fuel savings?
A: No. The Hybrid has as good or better performance than the conventional excavator.
Q: Are there any concerns with the electrical components?
A: As with any electrical source, caution must be taken and proper procedures followed when operating and servicing the machine. Please refer to the owner’s manual for proper operating and daily check procedures. There are machine features which shut down the hybrid system if a problem is detected.
Q: Can I use a hydraulic attachment?
A: Yes. Keep in mind that low swing applications will limit the fuel saving benefits
Q: What voltage is used in the Hybrid?
A: the hybrid uses 550 V AC between the swing motor and motor generator. The capacitor stores energy at 300 V DC.